How to Cultivate a Creative Thinking Habit

How to Cultivate a Creative Thinking Habit
Think of your most common habits and the regular culprits come to mind—biting your nails, snacking late at night, cracking your knuckles. Do something enough times and it becomes a behavioral pattern you do almost involuntarily. But is creativity any …
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10 Surprising Ways to Transform Your Creative Thinking
Though many of us identify as morning larks or night owls, peaking in our problem-solving skills and focus at particular times of the day, creative thinking actually works better at non-optimal times. So, if you're a morning lark, your brain will be …
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Creativity and the Brain: What We Can Learn From Jazz Musicians
But research of jazz musicians' brain activity as they improvise is helping shed light on the neuroscience behind creativity, and it turns out creating that magic is not as serendipitous a process as we might think. “I started looking at jazz musicians …
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